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Download latest Pakistan Affairs MCQs for preparation of FPSC, CSS, PPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, SPSC, AJKPSC, and NTS exams. All the government job exam preparation requires extensive knowledge of Pakistan Affairs/Studies. The MCQs are divided into different categories to make them more understandable for the candidates.

Pakistan Affairs mcqs are important for the examination of; PPSC Assistant, Tehsildar, Nair Tehsildar,

Pakistan Affairs MCQs Syllabus Guide

It is a vast subject that requires intensive reading and cramming effort on the part of a candidate. The preparation of this subject must be divided into sub-topics, otherwise, overwhelming syllabus content could not be prepared well. There are many ways to sub-divide the subject but successful candidates had usually divided the syllabus under two main headings;

  1. Pakistan Affairs (History)
    • The advent of Islam in Sub-Continent (Important Personalities)
    • Muslim Rule & Downfall in Sub-Continent.
    • Pakistan Movement (Pre-Partition).
    • Post-Partition (Constitutional History).
    • Current Affairs/Current Important issues
  2. Pakistan Affairs (Geography)
    • Land of Pakistan.
    • Culture.
    • Natural Resources.
    • Agriculture and Industry.
    • Social and Economic Conditions.

Pakistan Affairs MCQs Exam Material

The exam material consists of different MCQ files, one-liner answers, and a lot of important most repeated questions. You all are suggested to prepare the exam material very effectively. A lot of candidates do not resort to one prep material but try to get as maximum material or book as they can, as a result, they could not focus on the preparation.

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The Advent of Islam In Sub-Continent MCQs

These are short MCQs made on the advent of Islam in the sub-continent. The practice of the questions gives a clear idea to the candidates how they must start preparing Pakistan affairs MCQs for competitive examinations.

The Advent of Islam In Sub-Continent MCQsDownload

Pakistan Affairs MCQs Most Repeated One-Liner

The most repeated MCQs of Pakistan affairs are selected from the past papers of FPSC, CSS, PPSC, and other competitive examinations over the years. From Muhammad Bin Qasim until post-partition random questions surely test the mantle of the students. Do not forget to read them before appearing in any competitive exams.

Pakistan Affairs MCQs Most Repeated One-LinerDownload

The Pakistan Movement (Pre-Partition) MCQs

These MCQs are based on all the important events held from 1857 to 1947. Although, the majority of MCQs are taken from the 1905 partition of Bengal to Cabinet Mission Plan, the ear which is defined as “The Pakistan Movement”.

The Pakistan Movement (Pre-Partition) MCQsDownload

Post-Partition MCQs

These MCQs are related to early problems of Pakistan, the Kashmir issue, Constitutional development, and the early Foreign Policy of Pakistan. East Pakistan Debacle and Martial Laws are also covered in these MCQs.

Pakistan Movement Post-Partition MCQsDownload

First, Coldest, Hottest & Highest In Pakistan

These MCQs are about the highest, deepest, coldest, tallest, and hottest places in Pakistan, as well as deal with the first even important personalities at different key positions.

First, Coldest, Hottest & Highest In Pakistan MCQsDownload

Geography of Pakistan

These MCQs are very important as they deal with the complete geographical encyclopedia of Pakistan. This file also contains some basic facts about the country. Perhaps without the in-depth knowledge of the geography of Pakistan, MCQs paper understanding is not possible.

Geography of Pakistan MCQsDownload

Old Names & Important Battles in History

Various famous old names of the cities and places are usually asked in the MCQs type examination. Perhaps these MCQs are quite the favorite questions of PPSC.

Old Names & Important Battles in History MCQsDownload

Important Books About Pakistan Affairs

Important Books About Pakistan Affairs MCQsDownload

Solved Past Papers of Pakistan Affairs MCQs

Previous years past papers questions must be used to practice and check the overall preparation material.

Solved Past Papers of Pakistan Affairs MCQsDownload

PPSC FPSC Pakistan Affairs MCQs One Liner Download

PPSC FPSC Pakistan Affairs MCQs pdf download One LinerDownload

PPSC FPSC NTS Pakistan Affairs MCQs Multiple Choice

PPSC FPSC NTS Pakistan Affairs MCQs pdfDownload

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