Islamiat MCQs Download pdf

Download the latest Islamiat MCQs files for the online preparation of PPSC, FPSC, CSS, KPPSC, BPSC, SPSC, and AJPSC exams. MCQs are divided into three categories; the first file consists of the most repeated MCQs one-liner, the second file consists of the most repeated exam questions in the format of Q&A and the third file contains MCQs (4 options format).

PPSC Jobs Islamiat MCQs Complete guide

The best practice to clear the PPSC Jobs Exam is to prepare the subject of General Knowledge. Islamiyat is an integral part of PPSC Jobs Exams and thus without preparing Islamiyat MCQs, it would be very difficult for a candidate to clear the exam.

The first and foremost steps taken by the candidates who passed the exam and got a Government job were to make a habit of preparing GK on daily basis.

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Islamiat MCQs Pattern

In general PPSC exams, the GK paper contains almost 20 Islamiat MCQs. The questions are usually about the Quran, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Pillars of Islam, Ibadat, Quran & Hadith compilation period.

There are a lot of exam guides available in the market by different publishers. But it’s not an easy task to carry these books all the time and do preparation in front of your other people.

Local online MCQs websites do contain the preparation material but it is neither an updated version nor in a streamlined way.

According to the commission, the candidates are expected to display basic knowledge of the Holy Quran, Hadith, life and times of theHoly Prophet (PBUH), Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Arkan-e-Islam, broad knowledge of important events in Islamic History and prominent personalities. Non-Muslim candidates would be tested in thefield ethics, comparative religions and questions of general nature.

500 Most Important MCQs of Islamiyat

From the below link, you can download the latest and most important 500 MCQs in Islamiat for the preparation of CSS, PMS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, and other competitive examinations in Pakistan. These MCQs are based on the latest syllabus and are designed to help you prepare for these exams.

The MCQs cover a wide range of topics in Islamiat, including:

  • The Holy Quran
  • The Sunnah
  • Islamic history
  • Islamic law
  • Islamic beliefs and practices
  • Islamic ethics
  • Islamic social and political thought

The MCQs are also accompanied by detailed explanations, which will help you understand the concepts and answer the questions correctly.

500 Important Islamiat MCQs Download

Islamiat Most Repeated One-Liner MCQs Download pdf

This file contains the most repeated MCQs of Islamiyat in one-liner format. The questions are started from the start birth of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), his family, and his early years of life to Nabowat. Then all the important events of life are discussed including the migration to Madina, Gazwat, Companions of Holy Prophet, etc.

Islamiat Most Repeated One-Liner MCQs Download pdfDownload

Islamiat Most Repeated Q&A MCQs Download pdf

Question and answer format is really helpful for preparation of the exams. Without any option candidates would do brainstorming as a result their preparation becomes much better. This file contains questions from random topics and fully prepare a candidate for the competitive exams of any kind.

Islamiat Most Repeated Q&A MCQs Download pdfDownload

Islamiat MCQs (Options Format) Download pdf

MCQs’ optional format is always important for the preparation of competitive examinations, as they give a sense of inquiry and this is the basic format of the exam as well. This file contains all the most important Islamiat MCQs questions in the 4 options format and really test the mettle of the candidate.

Islamiat MCQs (Options Format) Download pdfDownload

PPSC Jobs Islamiat MCQs (Lecturer/Educator)


PPSC frequently announces jobs for Islamiat Lecturers and Educators to be posted in Punjab under BPS-16 or BPS-17 cadre. The preparation for Islamiat lecturer/Educator is very different because it demands a complete knowledge of the subject.

Lecturer Jobs are eligible for those candidates who have done Masters in Islamic Study/ Islamiat.

Visit, PPSC Jobs Islamiat MCQs (lecturer/Educator) to get the syllabus, exam guide, and preparation material for the above-stated post.

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