General Science Eds MCQs Download pdf

Download the latest General Science (Eds) MCQs for the online preparation of PPSC, FPSC, CSS, KPPSC, BPSC, SPSC, and AJPSC exams. MCQs are divided into different categories; most repeated-one-liner, option base MCQs and past papers of NTS, PPSC, and CSS exams.

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General Science Eds MCQs Complete Guide

General Science (Eds) MCQs are an integral part of any competitive exam and without preparing this part it is very difficult for a candidate to pass MCQs paper. Moreover, candidates without having science background face difficulty in preparation for this part of the competitive exam.

Before starting the preparation, candidates must go through complete guidelines for the preparation of PPSC exams. This guideline will help them to figure out how much weightage of the paper contain questions from the general science & eds MCQs portion.

PPSC general recruitment, papers consist of almost 20% of questions from this section. Arts background students must divide General Science & Eds MCQs into five main sections;

  1. Biological Science (Plant & Animal cell structure & Life, bio-molecular structures such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, enzymes, etc. and their functions/properties, human body parts, common diseases, their causes, symptoms and treatment; vitamins, their sources, and functions; vaccines, etc).
  2. Geography & Environmental Science (Eco-system, bio-diversity, the universe, satellites, solar system, galaxies, rock types, bio-sphere, climate change, wetlands, desertification, water pollution, water/carbon/nitrogen cycle, and general knowledge questions regarding the geography of Pakistan and the World).
  3. Physics & Chemistry (Atomic structures, chemical bondings, radiations, laws, and Principles of Physics, materials, chemicals and their properties, minerals and their mining).
  4. Arithmetics OR Basic Mathematics ( Algebra, Geometry; problems relating to averages, ratios, percentages, geometric figures; sets; equations; areas of figures, etc, quantitative reasoning and problem solving, logical and analytical reasoning, problems relating to time and work, distance and speed, age, directions, etc).
  5. General (Famous scientists and their claim to fame, famous inventions, discoveries, scientific laws, theories, and postulates & units and instruments of measurement).

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General Science Eds MCQs Download

Physical Science (Eds) Short Question

Physical Science (Eds) MCQs

Food Science (Eds) MCQs

Environmental Science MCQs

Computer Science MCQs

Biology Short Questions

Download the Most Important MCQs, Objective Questions & Answers, and full MCQ books About Everyday Science

In the Everyday Science section, we added the most important 1-line information, most frequently asking MCQ about a past paper loved past paper and MCQ’s full books. These MCQs and objective Questions and answers are extracted from different books and composed in a file so that the competitive exam candidate can easily revise on the go.

Biological Science Short Questions & MCQs

General Science (Eds) MCQs (Units)

General Science-Eds (Most Repeated)

General Science Eds MCQs Past Paper Download

Imported Facts General Science (Eds)

This file contains important and most important facts regarding the human body, human blood, glands and secretions in the human body, genes/cells, diseases and cures, animals, plants, insects, acids, bases, metals, gases, alloys, important chemical formulas, the geography of the earth, facts about earth & its atmosphere.

Download Physics, Chemistry & Biology General Science (Eds) MCQs

Download MCQs related to atom, elements, compounds, radioactivity, nuclear science, measurements, appliances and devices, human system & living organisms.

Download Food, Health, Production, and Preservative General Science (Eds) MCQs

Download MCQs related to food & health, food production & preservation, cells, the evolution of life & common observation.

Download NTS Past Papers General Science Eds MCQs

Download NTS Past Papers related to General Science, as well as, MCQs related to branches of science, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, and general science in our daily life.

Download Solved General Science Eds MCQs

Download the latest and most important solved MCQs related to general science (eds) MCQs for the competitive exams.

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