CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Complete Preparation Material

CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs is one of the most important compulsory papers of this competitive exam, as it covers all the basic knowledge required for a bureaucrat about Pakistan. A lot of preparatory material is in the market but updated, reliable, and comprehensive material is required to clear this paper in this competitive exam.

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CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Syllabus Overview

  1. The ideology of Pakistan: Definition and elucidation. Historical Aspects; Muslim rule in the Sub-Continent, its downfall, and efforts for Renaissance. Reform Movements; (Shaikh Ahmad Sarhindi, Shah Waliullah, Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed, Aligarh, Deoband, Nadwah, and other educational institutions, Sindh Madrassah and Islamia College Peshawar. The ideology of Pakistan in the light of Speeches and statements of Allama Iqbal and Quaid- i- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
  2. Land and people of Pakistan; geography, natural resources, education, and industry.
  3. Pakistan and Changing Regional Apparatus.
  4. Nuclear Program of Pakistan, its Safety and Security; International Concerns.
  5. Regional Cooperation Organizations (SAARC, ECO, SCO).
  6. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan.
  7. Economic Challenges in Pakistan.
  8. Non-Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan: Role of Non-State Actors.
  9. Pakistan’s Role in the Region.
  10. The Palestine Issue.
  11. Challenges to National Security of Pakistan.
  12. Political Evolution Since 1971.
  13. Pakistan and US War on Terror.
  14. Foreign Policy of Pakistan Post 9/11.
  15. Evolution of Democratic System in Pakistan.
  16. Ethnic Issues and National Integration.
  17. Hydro Politics; Water Issues in Domestic and Regional Context.
  18. Pakistan’s National Interest.
  19. Challenges to Sovereignty.
  20. Pakistan’s Energy Problems and their Effects.
  21. Pakistan and India Relations Since 1947.
  22. The Kashmir Issue.
  23. The war in Afghanistan since 1979 and its impact, and challenges to Pakistan in the Post 2014 era.
  24. Proxy Wars: Role of External Elements.
  25. The Recent Constitutional and Legal Debates, the Latest Constitutional Amendments and Important Legislations, Legal Cases and the Role of Higher Courts.
  26. The Prevailing Social Problems of Pakistan and the Strategies to Deal with Them, Poverty, Education, Health and Sanitation.

CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Preparation Material Download

Ideology of PakistanDownload
The Ideology of Pakistan, in the light of speeches of Allama Iqbal and JinnahDownload
The Ideological Struggle For Pakistan Ziad HaiderDownload
Two Nation Theory Its Importance and Perspectives by Muslims LeadersDownload
War of IndependenceDownload
Reform Movements; (Mujadid Ali Sani, Shah Waliullah, Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed, Aligarh, Deoband, Nadwah, Sindh Madrassah, and Islamia College Peshawar.Download
Aligarh MovementDownload
Deoband Movement, Class LectureDownload
Nadwa-Tul-Ulema, Class LectureDownload
Indian Council Act, (1861 & 1892)Download
Urdu Hindi controversy (1867)Download
Pakistan Movement Complete Notes (1905-1947)Download
Partition of Bengal (1905)Download
Simla Deputation (1906)Download
Lucknow Pact 1916Download
Minto Morley Reforms 1909Download
Formation of All India Muslim LeagueDownload
Khilafat-Movement (1919-1924)Download
Montague -Chelmsford Reforms 1919Download
Muslim Politics in British India 1924 to 1935Download
Nehru Report 1928Download
Fourteen Points of M. A. Jinnah [1929]Download
Early Problems of Pakistan, Services of Jinnah for consolidation of Pakistan, Constitutions of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Download
The Objectives Resolution (1949)Download
Constitutional Developments In PakistanDownload
Constitutional and Political Development (1947-1973)Download
Constitutional Crisis In Pakistan From 1969 To 1971 Critical AnalysisDownload
The Constitution of Pakistan Issues Challenges and OptionsDownload
Civil Miltary Relations in Contemporary PakistanDownload
Politics of Federalism in Pakistan Problems and PerspectiveDownload
Political Instability A case study of PakistanDownload
Conflict Between India and Pakistan An Encyclopedia By Lyon PeterDownload
Kashmir in Conflict, India Pakistan And the Unending War By Victoria SchofieldDownload
The Nuclear Confrontation in South AsiaDownload
Democracy & Governance in Pakistan By Tahir KamranDownload
Frontline Pakistan The Struggle with Militant Islam By Zahid HussainDownload
Water Sharing Dispute in Pakistan Standpoint of ProvincesDownload
Pakistan Energy Sector From Crisis to Crisis Breaking the ChainDownload
Pakistan India Water CrisisDownload
The Role Of Bureaucracy In PakistanDownload
Managing Local Governance In PakistanDownload
Our Neglected Education SystemDownload
Challenges of Identity & Governance Quaid’s Vision and Way Forward By Islamabad Policy Research Institute Download
Future of Pakistan By Stephen P CohenDownload
The Idea of Pakistan By Stephen P CohenDownload
Pakistan at the Crosscurrent of History By Lawrence ZiringDownload
The Emergence of Pakistan by Chaudhri Muhammad AliDownload
The Great Partition – The Making of India and Pakistan By Yasmin KhanDownload
The Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan By Waris HussainDownload
The Murder of History By K.K AzizDownload
The Struggle For Pakistan By Ayesha JalalDownload
Pakistan The Eye of Storm By Owen Bennette JonesDownload
Sixty Years of Pakistan Foreign PolicyDownload
Post 9-11 Foreign Policy of Pakistan By Shamshad AhmedDownload
Pakistan Foreign Policy – An Ideological AppraisalDownload
Pakistan Foreign Policy (PFP)Download
75 Years Economic Journey of Pakistan Download
Historical Review of Political Instability and Economic Growth of PakistanDownload

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Difference between CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs

There is no significant difference between CSS & PMS Pakistan Affairs. Almost all the syllabus contents are similar. It is noteworthy that, when a candidate prepares for this particular subjects he or she is equally eligible to give exam for Pakistan Studies in both the competitive exams.

CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs preparation also provides preparatory content for the preparation of English Essay (General Pakistan Related Topic), Current Affairs and Islamiat.

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