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CSS PMS English Essay holds the key, to get success in competitive exams. In fact, most of the students get failed in CSS or PMS in English Essay, even the candidates who have done Masters’s in English Literature. The question comes why?

Besides, writing correct English, passing the essay paper requires writing technique, skill, and practice. Most CSS or PMS candidates do not acquire competent guidelines, as a result, their dream not come true to become a bureaucrat.

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Types of CSS PMS English Essay?

Writing is a skill, and without mastering the skill no one can claim the surety of success. In most cases, CSS or PMS candidates consider that passing the English Essay paper depends upon luck, but this is not the reality. One also has to master English Precis & Composition in order to understand better English Essays.

Remember that, in competitive exams mostly three types of essays are asked; Argumentative, Explanatory, and Quotation.

An argumentative essay requires complete evidence and you must support your answer with logical reasons and claims. This type of essay needs evidence in the shape of fact, figure, example, or explanation.

The explanatory essay does not require evidence and support, you just need to give a general examples and detailed writing on the given topic.

A quotation topic essay requires a piece of detailed knowledge and material about the specific quote, and usually after few pages the content of the candidate dries.

Why do Candidates fail CSS PMS English Essay?

First of all, understanding the topic is the most important thing which is not done by most of the candidates. In case if you know the content about two topics then it is better to write down the outlines of two essays and then finalize which one is to be attempted.

“Global Warming, a fact or fiction.” (CSS 2008)

If you encounter an essay such as stated above in the exam, you need to support one logic; either fact or fiction. Do not try to prove both, because in the statement there is “or”. Furthermore, you must support your answer by presenting facts, figures, and logical reasoning to claim your point of view.

Sometimes, essays like “Democracy is a culture rather than a process (CSS 2012) come into the exam. This kind of topic needs content proving democracy is a culture in developing countries and it is a process in developed countries. There is a great chance that you may differ a lot in your opinions and your essay might be full of controversial statements. So, it is better to avoid these kinds of essays.

In 2013, “Meaning and purpose of education” was the hot topic written by most of the candidates. A lot of students failed because somehow they wrote the crammed essay based on causes and effects but the examiner had asked them to write about the meaning and purpose of education.

CSS PMS English Essay Preparation Material

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How To Pass CSS PMS English Essay?

A good CSS PMS English Essay contains;

  • No grammatical errors.
  • Every relevant aspect of the topic should be discussed.
  • Proper paragraphing. (Every next paragraph should take the discussion forward. Do not explain the same point repeatedly).
  • Proper coherence and cohesion between the paragraphs and ideas.
  • Organized and united content presentation. (It should not be haphazard written work, its different parts should be joined to form a beautiful structure).
  • Do not negate your arguments in the middle of the essay or in the end. (You should be reasonable where ever you have to prove a point to express an opinion).
  • Avoid repetition of words, sentences, and ideas.
  • Use minimum words which can express an idea.
  • Your writing should be idiomatic.

Best Structure For A CSS PMS English Essay

Every CSS PMS English Essay paper invariably contains such kinds of topics on which a reasonable candidate can write an essay, such as; a current affair topic, literary topic, or a past paper look-alike topic. After selecting the topic, think hard to ascertain its true meaning. The incorrect meaning will surely lead you to write an irrelevant essay.

Remember that an essay has three parts; An introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. An outline shall be made to give an overall view of all of your content.

How To Make An Outline?

It is a structure that shows the content in paraphrased sentences for each paragraph. This is how you mentally capture the entire essay from start to finish. A simple causes and effects essay can have an outline such as;

“Energy Crisis: Causes and Effects”



  1. Energy, a lifeline.
  2. Demand and supply gap.


  1. No major projects were undertaken by previous governments.
  2. Failure to increase the generating capacity.
  3. The problem of circular debt.


  1. Closure of industrial units.
  2. Unemployment.
  3. Effects on the social and economic condition of the country.


  1. Resolving the circular debt.
  2. Building small power plants.
  3. The capital cost of new plants.


Sometimes, essay like “Country life is better than city life” was asked. In this case, you must make an outline having two major headings; one is country life and another one is city life. These main headings must have pros and cons of living life there as subheadings.

How To Write an Introduction?

  • The argumentative essay starts with a starter and thesis statement at the start of an essay. The thesis statement, short and precise, is the idea of what the student is going to prove in his/her essays. Most of the time in an argumentative essay, where there are causes, effects, and suggestions, students can write these causes, effects, and suggestions in their thesis statement.
  • For example, the thesis statement of the poverty essay can be: Poverty in Pakistan is a multifaceted problem deeply rooted in its socio-political and economic structure of governance. The lack of effective political and economic governance is adversely hampering efforts to cut rising poverty. ·
  • Another example of a starter of a Corruption essay can be: Corruption exists in one form or another in all societies. The major difference in the case of Pakistan (or perhaps South Asia) is the extent of its pervasiveness and its implications for governance and the value system in general and the political culture in particular.
  • After that, explain it and the length of an essay should be one page of A4 size.

How To Write Body of An Essay?

  • After writing an introduction, students need to write the causes in each paragraph. If the essay is Poverty, causes, effects, and suggestions then you must write down the cause of poverty first.
  • For example, the first cause of poverty is feudalism. In this paragraph, write such type of start-up paragraph which student can easily justify in his paragraph.
  • For feudalism, you can write the opening sentence of a paragraph as; Since the independence of Pakistan, feudal lords hijack this country by exerting their influence in all fields of life as they are MPAs, MNAs, Ministers, P.Ms, and Presidents.
  • After writing the opening paragraph, you have the option to give a fact or figure with an example or explain this idea. For example, you can justify by saying that: More than 60-70% of our land is occupied by feudal lords (22 families) while the rest population (190m) has 20-30% land resulting in the shape of equal distribution of income. That is why poverty is increasing day by day as our major income is in the hands of 22 families who hold 60-70 % of our land.
  • Similarly, you are supposed to write other causes in different paragraphs.
  • After writing causes in 7 or 8 paragraphs then students need to write effects in 4 to 5 paragraphs as effects paragraphs do not have an argument and its justification.
  • After that, give suggestions in 3 to 4 paragraphs by using different words like should, must, ought to, it is the need of the hour, it is high time, etc.

How To Write The Conclusion Of An Essay

  • In the conclusion, write with the words such as Finally, Lastly, In conclusion, To conclude this, To summarise, In summary, In sum, etc.
  • In the conclusion, paraphrase your thesis statement and justify your argument which you have developed in the introduction.
  • The end of the paragraph should be very positive as one hopes, one wishes, one prays that Pakistan will be able to overcome this problem if practical policies are implemented.

Explanatory Essays

  • These are those essays that do not need argument and justification.
  • Such essays consist of prerequisites, general examples, and more focus on explanation.
  • Essays such type can be:
  • Country life is better than city life.
  • Meaning and purpose of education.
  • The pleasures of reading.
  • All humans are born equal in dignity and rights but they are m shackles everywhere.
  • Dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism.
  • Such essays should be solved according to their key terms. For example, if there is an essay on The pleasure of Reading then those students can write who have the habit of book reading and they know what are its benefits, how it contributes towards knowledge increase, etc.

Techniques How To Deal with Different Topics of CSS PMS English Essay

  • Essay like Dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism or great nations win without fighting (CSS-2014) need to elaborate on the importance of dialogue as it is necessary because it avoids bloodshed, wastage of resources, weakening economy, loss of human being, damage to infrastructure as nations have to conclude dialogue even at the end of the war. !fit is necessary at the end why there is a need for war’?
  • In this way, students after writing and developing the significance of dialogue can write the examples of the world like the Soviet Union, and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • In such essays, the student has to convince the examiners of the role of dialogue rather than launching a war.
  • Essay like Can the Third World War be prevented? (CSS-2008) or Can women be equal to men in Pakistan? (CSS-2010). The student has the option to prove it that is possible or not. If yes, then give your argument in a logical way, only take one side of the picture, and do not try to prove both sides.
  • In 20 l 4, an Essay on dialogue was asked. The context was the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan and there were a number of articles in Dawn about Dialogue and Peace. Such questions appear in Newspapers like Dawn where students can prepare easily.
  • In 2015, Human rights violation and the war on terror was asked. Students of International Law can attempt it because they have read it in their syllabus. In short, the Top 30 Essay books and Newspaper before 4 to 5 months of the exams can be beneficial to get higher marks.

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