CSS PMS Philosophy Complete Guide with Preparation Material

Download the latest notes, handouts, and preparatory material for the CSS PMS Philosophy optional paper. The updated preparation material is according to the revised syllabus.

CSS Philosophy is one of the subjects of Group VI of the CSS exam. According to the revised scheme of the syllabus, candidates can select one subject comprising 100 marks from Group V1.

CSS Philosophy is 100 mark optional subject whereas, PMS Philosophy is 200 marks optional subject.

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CSS PMS Philosophy Syllabus

The syllabus of Philosophy is as follows;

Introduction:Definition, Nature, and Scope of Philosophy
Philosophical Methods:Socratic Method (Socrates); Inductive Method (Bacon, Mill); Deductive Method
(Aristotle, Descartes); Dialectical Method (Hegel); Fallibilistic Method (Popper)
Epistemology:Rationalism (Plato, Descartes, Spinoza)
Empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume)
Transcendentalism (Kant); Intuitionism (Bergson)
Ontology:Idealism (Plato, Berkeley)
Representative Realism (Locke)
Historical and Dialectical Materialism (Marx)
Ethics:What is morality? The challenge of cultural relativism; Does morality depend
on religion?
Psychological and ethical egoism: Virtue Ethics
(Aristotle); Moral Absolutism (Kant), Utilitarianism (J.S. Mill)
Social Contract Theory (Hobbes, Rawls).
Muslim Thinkers:Al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Rushid, Ibn Khaldun
Shah Waliullah, Muhammad Iqbal.
Contemporary Philosophical
Existentialism (Heidegger, Sartre); Pragmatism (Peirce, James, Dewey)
Neo-pragmatism (Rorty); Postmodernism (Lyotard, Foucault, Derrida)

CSS PMS Philosophy Complete Preparation Material

A History of Islamic PhilosophyDownload
Elements of Moral Philosophy-Download
Majid Fakhry – Islamic Philosophy Theology and Mysticism A Short IntroductionDownload
Philosophy complete notesDownload
The History of Western PhilosophersDownload
A Short History of Modern Philosophy From Descartes to Wittgenstein Roger ScrutonDownload

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