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CSS Exam Complete Information For the Beginners

This article tries to answer all the relevant questions regarding CSS Exam along with the preparation material.

Who is eligible for CSS Exam?

Any Pakistani national from age 21 years to 30 years, who has an HEC recognized complete bachelor’s degree in any decipline can apply for the exam.

What is CSS qualification?

CSS is not a qualification but rather a competitive exam held every year by Federal Public Service Commission in Pakistan. The successful candidates are recruited as government officers starting from the BPS-17 scale.

Is CSS Exam Difficult?

CSS exam is not difficult if you prepare it with proper guidance. The exam consists of 6 compulsory papers and 6 optional papers. The optional papers are selected by you according to your academic background, whereas, the compulsory papers are those which are being studied by you throughout your academic life. Hence, this exam only requires hard work and perseverance along with proper guidance. Click here to see CSS Exam’s complete preparation material.

Which degree is best for CSS Exam?

Although there is not any specific degree requirement for this exam, however, if you have done a bachelor’s in Law, International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, or economics then it will be very helpful for you during the preparation.

What are the passing marks for CSS Exam?

The passing marks for compulsory exams are 40 percent and for optional exams, it is 33 percent. However, you need an aggregate of 600 marks out of a total of 1200 marks to become eligible for the interview. The interview consists of 300 marks and you must pass it to get an allocation. In recent times, a candidate who gets 650 to 700 marks in a written examination and at least 150 marks in the interview finds his or her place in the list of successful candidates very easily.

What is the fee for CSS Exam in Pakistan?

The fee for the MPT screening test is Rs. 250/- and the fee for written examination is RS. 2200/-

What is the MPT test?

The MPT exam is the screening test conducted by the FPSC to shortlist the candidates for the written examination. The purpose of this exam is to make sure only the serious and eligible candidates sit the CSS written examination.

What is the age for CSS Exam?

The cutoff age for the CSS exam is 21 years to 30 years. However, if you are currently serving federal or any provincial government the age relaxation is 2 years. The age relaxation is also applicable if you belong to recognized tribes or areas.

What are the jobs you get after doing CSS?

You start your job career as a government employee of BPS-17 in the following federal government department.
1- Commerce and Trade Group
2- Customs and Excise Service
3- Foreign Services of Pakistan
4- Income Tax Group
5- Information Group
6- Military Lands and Cantonment Group
7- Office Management Group
8- Pakistan Administrative Service
9- Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
10- Police Service of Pakistan
11- Postal Services Group
12- Railways (Commercial and Transportation) Group

What is the difference between CSS and PMS?

CSS exam is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission and the PMS exam is conducted by the Provincial Public Service Commissions of the respected provinces. If you pass the CSS exam you are appointed as a BPS-17 gazetted officer in Federal departments, however, passing the PMS exam will make you eligible to become an employee of the provincial government departments in the BPS-17 scale.

How many papers are in CSS Exam?

It consists of 12 papers. Six papers are compulsory namely; English Essay, English Precis & Composition, General Science & Abilities, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, and Islamic Studies. The optional subjects are divided into 6 groups from which you have to select six subjects.

Is the academy necessary for CSS Exam?

It is not necessary, if you have proper guidance and relevant material for the preparation then you do not need the academy. Academy preparation for CSS Exam is costly as well. All the relevant guidance and preparation material is available online on the website here.

What does CSP stand for in Pakistan?

A CSP is a civilian gazetted officer in Pakistan who has qualified and passed the CSS exam. It is the most prestigious service cader in Pakistan.

Is CSS better than PMS?

CSS is better than PMS due to the following reasons. Firstly, the CSS exam is conducted every year. Secondly, the CSP officer gets promotion very easily during their service as they have a proper service structure. Last but not the least, you get the chance to serve in Federal Government Departments such as Income Tax, Foreign Office, Inland Revenue, and many more.

Which books are best for CSS Exam?

As there are not any specific books to prepare for the examination. However, FPSC has recommended a few books in the CSS Syllabus. But candidates are recommended to see all the relevant material for the preparation for CSS Exam on this page.

Can I prepare for CSS Exam at home?

Yes, all the relevant material regarding CSS examination can be found on this page.

Which is the best online preparation material for CSS Exam?

The best online preparation material for the CSS Exam is at the below link.

Where to find the CSS Exam Complete Preparation Material?

The CSS Exam Complete Preparation Material can be found at https://bit.ly/3kcGEHj

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